Sessional vs long day care Kindergarten

Sessional Kindergarten providers usually only provides a kindergarten programme for a 3-4 hour session up to 3 times per week. They are focussed on only achieving the minimum 15 hours of attendance and will not usually allow you any more time than this.

We run a long day care Kindergarten which means that our programme runs for the full day, five days per week. Your child will benefit significantly from this increased level of education for the entire time that they are in attendance. With our educators spending more time with your child, they are able to conduct more observations and have a far higher quality individual tailored education programme. In addition our early childhood teachers will be in attendance for 7.5 hours every day.

Our long day care Kindergarten in South Morang will provide your child with the very best educational opportunities to find and extend their potential in all areas.

Please read our testimonials to see what our local community think about our high quality Kindergarten programme.