We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack.

All of our meals are cooked fresh on the premises by a Qualified Chef. Our menu is based on meeting the guidelines for children’s nutrition and daily intake in collaboration with Nutrition AustraliaReg 79. Nutrition Australia has endorsed our menu. Our food is delivered by reputable suppliers that are registered and approved. Our nutritious meals provide your child with the fuel needed to support their growth and development.

It is very important that you please notify the centre upon enrolment of any allergies and food restrictions of your child so we can plan the meals to cater for their needs. It is very important that you provide an Action Plan for all food allergies or diagnosed anaphylaxis.

It is very important that as your child grows out of or develops new allergies, that you notify us immediately.

We are also involved in 'The Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program’ which encourages healthy eating and exercise to prevent childhood obesity.

Within our meal routines one of our main aims is to provide independence.  We encourage this through children feeding themselves when appropriate, and having a choice at snack times. For example, children in the kindergarten room will be serving themselves all their meals as well as pouring their own drinks under supervision.

Children spend meal times together as a group and we utilise this time as a social experience. The younger children may have meal times at different times throughout the day to support the child’s individual routine.

Birthdays. We do encourage parents to bring along a cake for the celebration of children birthdays.  Please ensure that the cake has a full list of the ingredients when it arrives at the centre.  We will store it appropriately and get you to sign a Food Bought from Home form.

If your child has a food allergy please supply an appropriate cake/treat that can be stored with us and kept for celebrations, as individual needs cannot always be met for birthday celebrations.



 Chef: Evette

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