Emergent Curriculum

We use the Emergent Curriculum in our education programmes. This supports your child to maximise their development through investigating and acquiring skills, using topics and resources which ‘emerge’ from their interests. It presents children with the opportunity to discover the world around them and provides the encouragement to explore life through their own interests and passions.

Rather than starting with a topic that educator’s think children should learn about, we take the observed interests of your child and brainstorm ways to utilise interest so that the learning programme encourage your child to develop across a broader range of areas.

The emergent curriculum constantly evolves in response to your child’s changing needs and interests, parental and community attitudes and their teachers’ priorities. Each of these key elements shapes the direction for their future learning.

Educators will create a flexible programme for your child, from which the curriculum constantly evolves in response to their interests. This builds your child’s learning around their individual interests, strengths and needs.