Child Care Benefit

Families who use this service may be eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB).

The CCB is a payment made to families by the Commonwealth to assist with the cost of childcare.  To apply for CCB you must first contact the Family Assistance Office.  This can be done by ringing 136150. The FAO will assess your income and send you a letter notifying you of what your entitled CCB percentage is. Your percentage will then be applied as a fee reduction from your weekly fees payable, unless you choose to claim this as a lump sum at the end of the financial year in your personal tax return.

When claiming CCB as a weekly fee reduction you are only entitled to have your child absent from the centre for 42 days; this includes illness with and without a medical certificate, public holidays and all other holidays. If your child is absent more than 42 days your CCB will not be paid on any further absences for that financial year.

Please refer to our FAQ for further information: